Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Asia Cahaya Conference focusing on preaching

This is different, its unusual, its exciting, it's never been done before and it's a once in a life time opportunity!!!

 Start date is currently set at Sat 27 Dec 2014 Picture 150 to 200 young people, all making their way to Penang Island in Malaysia, to a 7 day conference with a range of talks and activities...focusing on preaching, and the way to go about know that feeling on the last day of conference...when you just want it to go longer...even just one day longer would mean the world. Well that's the next stage....we split into groups and fly around Asia to different locations to meet with our fellow Christadelphians, and to help them preach to the locals...and after a week of that, we head back to KL to finish of the overall conference with two days of catching up and sharing our experiences with each other..
Map of Malaysia with Penang Island highlighted
Map of Malaysia with Penang Island highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 If you have ever wanted to visit Asia, go to a longer conference, and preach the word of God...then Cahaya is your calling.. If you’re 18 years and over and would love to be part of such a unique experience, book in now to secure your place!

 Details are still being finalised, so keep checking the website for updates. In regards to fees there will be scheduled amounts you will need to pay. $50 to book in (non refundable) $250 Deposit 1 - Due 1st December 2013 (non refundable after 31st December. $TBA for amounts and dates.


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