Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Discover Faithbook and join Summercampaign

Derby Bass Street in the UK are hoping to run a mini campaign in the summer.

Hilton Bible Week

The campaign is based in a village on the outskirts of Derby where new housing has been built over the past few years. A number of our families and brethren and sisters live there and they look forward to a great week of activity, fellowship and preaching.
Their theme is ‘Discover Faithbook’ which they pray, will create interest in our Faithbook. Visit the website; 
(they are still working on the content). You will find them on Facebook too!

Puppet shows and sports activities will sit alongside coffee mornings, midday meditations, a taster seminar and displays held in the new and modern Village Hall. You will be joining with an enthusiastic group in Derby to take the gospel message to new territories.

Are you looking to find out more about the bible? If you are looking for basic lessons, something interesting or in depth studies, take a look around, you may find what you are looking for!

Find Discover Faithbook

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