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Hello America and atheists

In response to the article

ATHEISTS EXPOSED! shared by Greg Liebig Sr.

I wrote a reply which I also would like to share with you here.

In the article the author does like he is God writing to the people of the United states of America.

“First, let it be known, that I created each and every person on this planet; also, That I Love Each And Every One Of Them. Furthermore, let it be known unto them, that I have a purpose for them now, during the millennial reign of my Son Jesus (Yeshua) and Then Throught All Eternity!
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“My precious humans are eternal spiritual beings: yes, for the time being they are in flesh, blood and bone bodies, at death, that changes. When I send Yeshua to rapture up the church they will be changed as well. I am having you tell humanity this because it won’t be long before I tell My Son to get His Bride, the Church, the believers.”
Strange that this God calls those human beings eternal spirits, when He has created them as mortal elements in the universe.

Then that god speaks about the Satans or adversaries of God and the ones who fool the world, with their own false teachings.
As he (the Satan or devil) sees the approaching of Christ’s appearing, he and a few of his partners (doubt and fear) have really been stepping it up.”
One of his lies is,” God (Yahweh) does not exist.”
Another is, “Jesus (Yeshua) did not really die and rise again.”
“So, consequently he has turned a great number of people against me. He really does hate my precious humans.”
“Another one of his tactics is he has chosen very weak minded individuals to enlist in his destructive task and they have fallen for his lies, hook, line and sinker.
He tells them to go to various places and spread these lies. He even pushes his agenda onto governments. He even tells people that it is not right to have people display Godly things in government institutions; like the Ten Commandments for instance.
He has them say it is offensive to pray in public places.”
The author calls all those who do not want to believe and those who agreed to let such things happen "atheists, non-believers, heathen or just plain lost".  But he reminds the people they have to remember that God, no matter what happens, still loves these people: "don’t ever loose sight of that fact."

And that is very important: god loves His creation and all what we can see around us is part of that creation. All people on this planet earth are also created in the image of God and are loved by the Divine Creator.
He also gives them the necessary time to be able to find Him and to come closer to Him. though many also donot want to recognise the person God provided to save the world, He gave His only begotten son, to offer himself as the most justified ransom and to become the mediator between Him (Jehovah God) and men.

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So therefore I also would call like that author to the United States of America and to other nations:

Hello America, are you not the New World, where so many of the Europeans went to because at the continent many denominations limited their people and because many governments brought strong limitations of all sorts of freedom?

Did you America also forgot that many of your ancestors looked for the Truth and looked for God His Word and His Will?

Though many descendants from those pioneers went far away from those Bible Students and Bible researchers, and prefered to follow 'standard churches' or even more 'mega churches'. With times (you or) they became not so interested any more in reading regularly the word of God, available in much more versions now in their own or in their new language. You also wanted to be called Christians but pick and choose which laws to live by and to impose on others living around you.
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They prefered to make new gods, like the many movie stars, football and other sports idols, but also the fashion models and idols form other worlds like the cooking world. In this some did not mind to fit their other god, Jesus. So many americans are not willing to accept hat he was a real Jewish man, of flesh and blood, who could be seen by many, who was tempted more than once and who really was brought to death in a cruel way, but less cruel than many other tortured people.

God is an eternal spirit, who can not be seen by men or they would die. God also can not be tempted. that is all be written in the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God, many do not want to take for the words which are there black on white, but they do prefer to hold fast on tradition and denominational dogma's, like the 'Holy Trinity'.

Yes, America, wants to stay blind and does not want to have its eyes opened by the Biblical truth. Do they ever wounder if it is not because of their blindness, their ignorance that america is turning upside down?

But is it not the disease which is spreading all over the world, where money is the Manon, the new god worshipped by so many?
The Love of money is the root of all evil church in America and every other culture that has turned its back on Christ and his Father, the Only One God.  

The Biblical message has been corrupted to such a degree that seminaries are supporting a “priest class” that has elevated itself above the laity. This shift toward relying on a seminary educated expert trained in Christian theology to lead the church is inherently risky and flawed.  The body of Christ and it’s shepherds are to be vigilant with discerning and testing the doctrines being introduced into the churches.  The modern day Protestant denominations have completely capitulated the hard won gains of the Reformation and the American bible Student movement. America and with it other nations are re-instituting the old Catholic paradigm of ignorant congregation and all knowing priest class.  On top of the increase in creating Biblically ignorant congregations, America has hybridized Biblical Christianity with of all things “The American Dream”. 

The dream has been shattered.  The New Atheism has made it safer for people to declare their godlessness. 

Godlessness and Unbelief is it there to stay?!? Or not?

It can change, but we shall need time and lots of people wanting and daring to come out into the world to assign their love for Christ and to show the world the work this son of god has done, and which blessings we have received by his offering himself for us.

You, like every other humans on the face of this planet, have one overwhelming and stupendously important need … to be forgiven for the sins you have already been condemned for, and released from the death sentence that you have already been sentenced to. No matter what happens in this world, as long as Christ shall not have returned, all people shall share the same 'lot', the same burden of finding death at the end of the road. We all shall die, believers and unbelievers.
But do know, afterwards there shall be something different for believers and non-believers. Than it shall be too late to change direction  God has given each of us and you, time enough to think, to consider, to find out, to look for the right way, for the right path.


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