Monday, 8 July 2013

Turning - Not Easy - Quite Simple

Turning - Not Easy - Quite Simple

often worried
often weak
far too bothered
to try and speak

too much coffee
too much tea
cannot sleep
don't feel free

turned to drugs
it didn't work
turned to drink
made me a jerk

hate my friends
hate my job
hate my family
just sob and sob

saw my Bible
opened it up
prayed to God
to help me stop

learned the Truth
prayed again
changed my thinking
stopped the sin

then got baptised
came into Christ
no more worry
no more strife

still some worry
still too weak
but no bother
and now I speak

eat the bread
drink the wine
changed my thinking
now I'm fine

The simple truth is
Turn to Christ
Learn the Truth
Get a new Life.

It worked for me
It can for you
If you Open Your Bible
And learn the Truth.

mgm 2013
Michael Morrell 

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