Friday 30 August 2013

Biblical Prayer at Tabernacle Site Shilo

Modern Shilo stands where the ancient city of Shilo once did. Ancient Shilo was, for 369 years, the location of the holy Tabernacle built by the Jewish people in the wilderness after leaving Egypt.

While the Tabernacle was in Shilo, Jews from across the country would visit the area to make sacrifices. Hannah’s visit to the Tabernacle is recorded in the book of Samuel: Hannah came to pray for children, and the priest Eli mistakenly thought she was drunk, as her form of silent prayer was unfamiliar to him.
When he realized his mistake he blessed her, and she went on to give birth to the prophet Samuel.

Hannah’s silent prayer later became the basis for Jewish prayer: the central Amidah prayer, which is said three times a day, is said in a whisper.

Wednesday night three thousand women and girls made the journey to the town of Shilo, in Samaria (Shomron) for a special group prayer recalling the biblical prayer of Hannah.

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