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Learn how to go out into the world and proclaim the Good News of the coming Kingdom

Charles Spurgeon said:
If you read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the word of God, the qualities of that word will be displayed in you.
By the non-trinitarian Baptists Spurgeon was a treasured guide. His words, from the time when he saw the only One God could bring the congregation to read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the word of God, so that the qualities of that word would be displayed in the congregation.

He taught  the sin-pardoning God in Christ Jesus. For Spurgeon it was clear that we should come to the knowledge that Jesus was the man send by God to save us by a gift of grace.
Saint George Preca has been likened as a succe...
Saint George Preca has been likened as a successor to Saint Paul's evangelical work on the island of Malta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is grace upon grace. Observe that if we climb on high, the position may be dangerous; but if the Lord sets us there it is safe.
He may raise us to great usefulness, to eminent experience, to success in service, to leadership among workers, to a father’s place among the little ones.
If He does not do this, He may set us on high by near fellowship, clear insight, holy triumph, and gracious anticipation of eternal glory.
For the non-trinitarian baptist as the same for us Christadelphians we learned from Spurgeon how to go out into the world and give enough attention onto the preaching of the Gospel.

We should feel the same as the apostle Paul who felt it a great privilege to be allowed to preach the gospel. For us it is a privilege to be long to the chosen ones, to be a child of God but also a worker for God.

The Apostle Paul did not look upon his calling as a drudgery, but he entered upon it with intense delight. Yet while Paul was thus thankful for his office, his success in it greatly humbled him. The fuller a vessel becomes, the deeper it sinks in the water.

Today we still can use many of Spurgeons teachings to inspire us and remember his works:
If you seek humility, try hard work; if you would know your nothingness, attempt some great thing for Jesus. If you would feel how utterly powerless you are apart from the living God, attempt especially the great work of proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ, and you will know, as you never knew before, what a weak unworthy thing you are.
Although the apostle thus knew and confessed his weakness, he was never perplexed as to the subject of his ministry. We should find an example in the apostle Paul, who always wanted to do the work for the Only One god, first as Saul, thinking the followers of Christ where worng, but than after he got more insigth given him by Christ, he became a speaker for Christ. We too should be such an ardent speaker in the name of Christ, and show the world that Jesus did not preach an other Gospel than the many prophets before him. Jesus was that fulfilment of the words of the prophets and the fulfilment of the Word of God having become into the flesh (John 1:1)

Jesus was not another one who claimed to be God. No he clearly indicated the Father was grater than him and that he could not do anything without his Father, the Only One God. We too, can not do anything without God the Father, who is in heaven. Like Jesus and the apostle Paul we should know that and be thankfull that God has drawn us near to Him and does allow us to work for HIm.

From his first sermon to his last, Paul preached Christ, and nothing but Christ. He lifted up the cross, and extolled the Son of God who bled thereon. Follow his example in all your personal efforts to spread the glad tidings of salvation, and let “Christ and Him crucified” be your ever recurring theme. . .

Only because God wanted to accept the Peace offering of Christ we can be saved for ever. By the acceptance of the Ransom we have no debts any-more and can trust the Good News of the coming Kingdom. This marvellous Good News we should proclaim all over the world, with gladness and full of grace.

If there is anyone who should be opposed to strife and bloodshed it is the man that names the name of Christ. Spurgeon considered the spirit of war to be absolutely foreign to the spirit of Christianity….
Modern conservative, fundamentalist, and evangelical Christians, all of whom might claim him as one of their own, have much to learn from Spurgeon, not only for his example of an uncompromising and successful Christian minister, but also for his consistent opposition to war and Christian war fever.--Laurence M. Vance [extended quotes and citations]
Spurgeon near the end of his life.
Spurgeon near the end of his life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Our kingdom is not of this world; else would God’s servants fight with sword and spear. Ours is a spiritual kingdom, and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but spiritual, and mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds.

We as Christians should bring the message of peace, which Jesus brought into the world, and should let others know the Word of God, without forcing it on them with violence but with the word of love, the arrow of the cupid. Our war should be a continuous war of bringing peacefully the message Jesus proclaimed. We should display the work of God's Word in us. We should have become transformed so much by the Word of God that we can attract others with our righteousness.

We should not hesitate and wait until tomorrow but stand up in a hurry, before the End Times will surprise many, so that more people shall recognise when Jesus will return to the earth, and find us worthy followers of him, worthy to enter the Kingdom of God.

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Charles Spurgeon

On June 19, 1834, Spurgeon was born in Kelvedon, UK. At 15, he accepted Christ and joined a Baptist church. In fact, most people would describe his theology as Calvinist; Spurgeon, though, said that “if I am asked what is my creed, I reply, ‘It is Jesus Christ.’”
C. H. Spurgeon,
C. H. Spurgeon, "The Prince of Preachers" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read more:

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Fr Paddy Byrne finds First communions and confirmations should be delayed

The Irish Fr Paddy Byrne finds First communions and confirmations, the final step in receiving full initiation into the Catholic Church, should be delayed, potentially into adulthood, to prevent the events from becoming hollow moments that mean nothing to those taking part. During the sacrament of confirmation, the individual is anointed as a member of the Catholic Church by the bishop of that church’s district. The bishop puts holy oil on the individual’s forehead in the form of a cross and congratulates them on becoming a devoted Catholic and initiated as a full member of the Church. The importance of being confirmed in the Catholic community is a reminder of what being baptized means because for most Catholics.

Fr Paddy Byrne said cultural changes in recent years mean many ceremonies now involve parents who have moved away from the Church, but feel peer pressure to allow their children to join the ceremonies.

In other cases, he said, otherwise religious families see the events more as family parties and opportunities for their children to be given money and presents.

The Laois-based priest said: “One of the big initiatives in South America in the past few months was to implement a lot of the sacraments of initiation — ie, baptism, communion, confirmation — much later on in life.

“It should be when people have choice, when they have proper formation [of faith]. What I’m saying isn’t off the wall, it’s realistic.”

Speaking afterwards to the Irish Examiner, Fr Byrne said he wants to see this non-age-specific reform considered for Ireland. 

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Delay communions until adulthood, says priest 



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Discover Faithbook and join Summercampaign

Derby Bass Street in the UK are hoping to run a mini campaign in the summer.

Hilton Bible Week

The campaign is based in a village on the outskirts of Derby where new housing has been built over the past few years. A number of our families and brethren and sisters live there and they look forward to a great week of activity, fellowship and preaching.
Their theme is ‘Discover Faithbook’ which they pray, will create interest in our Faithbook. Visit the website; 
(they are still working on the content). You will find them on Facebook too!

Puppet shows and sports activities will sit alongside coffee mornings, midday meditations, a taster seminar and displays held in the new and modern Village Hall. You will be joining with an enthusiastic group in Derby to take the gospel message to new territories.

Are you looking to find out more about the bible? If you are looking for basic lessons, something interesting or in depth studies, take a look around, you may find what you are looking for!

Find Discover Faithbook

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Asia Cahaya Conference focusing on preaching

This is different, its unusual, its exciting, it's never been done before and it's a once in a life time opportunity!!!

 Start date is currently set at Sat 27 Dec 2014 Picture 150 to 200 young people, all making their way to Penang Island in Malaysia, to a 7 day conference with a range of talks and activities...focusing on preaching, and the way to go about know that feeling on the last day of conference...when you just want it to go longer...even just one day longer would mean the world. Well that's the next stage....we split into groups and fly around Asia to different locations to meet with our fellow Christadelphians, and to help them preach to the locals...and after a week of that, we head back to KL to finish of the overall conference with two days of catching up and sharing our experiences with each other..
Map of Malaysia with Penang Island highlighted
Map of Malaysia with Penang Island highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 If you have ever wanted to visit Asia, go to a longer conference, and preach the word of God...then Cahaya is your calling.. If you’re 18 years and over and would love to be part of such a unique experience, book in now to secure your place!

 Details are still being finalised, so keep checking the website for updates. In regards to fees there will be scheduled amounts you will need to pay. $50 to book in (non refundable) $250 Deposit 1 - Due 1st December 2013 (non refundable after 31st December. $TBA for amounts and dates.


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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Move ahead with the commitment against child sex abuse says Pope Francis I

While on Monday fear of scandal prompted the cover-up of child sex abuse allegations within Australia's Catholic Church, the Vatican wants to make work of it.

Pope Francis I encouraged the Pontifical Gregorian University's Hans Zollner, head of the Centre for the Protection of Children, to "move ahead with the commitment against child sex abuse.”

English: Pope Benedict XVI
English: Pope Benedict XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The encouragement given by Francis for the anti-paedophilia efforts to continue, follows on from Benedict XVI’s work. Francis himself sent out a message during the Angelus prayer last 5 May, inviting us to work for the good of the most vulnerable and children.”
This is in continuity with Benedict XVI’s work in the field. Four months ago we presented him with the proceedings of the symposium they celebrated at the Gregorian University in February 2012. The symposium was attended by bishops’ conferences from all around the world, who discussed ways to prevent crimes against children.”

Australia’s top-ranking Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, formerly archbishop of Melbourne, and one of eight cardinals selected by Pope Francis to advise him on reforming the Catholic Church’s opaque administration, was speaking on the final day of the probe.

According to Agence France Presse (AFP), last week Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart told the inquiry the church had been slow to act against paedophile priests and Pell admitted it had dealt with child sex abuse “very imperfectly”.
“I would agree that we’ve been slow to address the anguish of the victims and dealt with it very imperfectly,” he said.
The Catholic Church in Australia, as in other parts of the world, has endured a long-running controversy over its response to past abuses by priests.
Pell said the church had been aware of the emerging issue of sex abuse from the late 1980s, but had failed to comprehend the scale of the problem.
“If we’d been gossips, which we weren’t… we would have realised earlier just how widespread this business was,” he said.
“I don’t think many, if any, persons in the leadership of the Catholic Church knew what a horrendous widespread mess we were sitting on.”
Pell said the fact that paedophile priests had been moved to other parishes had had disastrous consequences.
“There’s no doubt about it that lives have been blighted,” he said. “There’s no doubt about it that these crimes have contributed to too many suicides.”
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