Thursday, 16 January 2014

Update on the Clermont Good News Centre Building

Update on the Clermont Good News Centre

BuildingLast year WCF provided a grant of over $35,000 to the COPT volunteer project team to address much needed repairs and improvements at the Clermont facility. The property is home to the Clermont ecclesia and also includes a residence. The property was terraced to control water runoff; a retaining wall was installed to increase the area of usable land and a proper walkway was laid to accommodate infirm members. Sanitary improvements, garden plots and accommodations for a resident caretaker were also part of the overall plan. After some deliberation it was deemed best to build a new structure on leased land to house the Clermont Good News Centre, rather than repair the existing building.

Pictured above is the new building fronting the street and protected by the surrounding retaining wall. Three young friends look forward to this welcome addition to their community. Many thanks are extended to Brother Grant Larsen — project supervisor and master builder — together with his team of dedicated volunteers!
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