Thursday, 16 January 2014

Support for Preaching in New Zealand

Support for Preaching in New Zealand

Thastings campaignhe brothers and sisters of the Hastings, NZ ecclesia are preparing to host a national preaching campaign, which will be held, God willing, January 2nd to 8th, 2014.
Although the campaign will be hosted by the Hastings ecclesia, they’ve received strong volunteer support from many ecclesias throughout New Zealand, and the brethren are hoping that this might spark a resurgence in preaching campaigns in the country. In particular, the young people are being strongly encouraged to attend; it is hoped that the experience of preaching in such an open and exciting environment will be invaluable to their spiritual development. The campaign is based on the theme of “The Bible for Life” with their slogan being “Live Life with Hope”.

In conjunction with the public talks, the brethren are planning to rent a storefront where they will be running a variety of ‘hands-on’ workshops dealing with topics such as addiction, marriage, parenting and finances—topics that focus on the practical outworking of the Christian faith, run by qualified brothers and sisters. As with any venture such as this, finances play a very important role. Renting an appropriate venue, marketing the campaign together with food, hospitality and accommodation can all add up quickly. To help defray these costs, WCF was approached for financial assistance. The Foundation was pleased to respond with a grant of $4,000 as requested by the 2014 Hastings Campaign steering committee.

If your ecclesia is planning a public outreach effort, the cost of which exceeds ecclesial resources, you are invited to ask WCF to serve as a funding partner. 
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