Friday 21 February 2014

Ignorance of Today's Youth (and Adults)

The Bible
The Ignorance of Today's Youth (and Adults)!
A recent survey by the Bible Society has highlighted the lack of Bible knowledge, and even awareness of some of the basic Bible accounts among both children and their parents.
The Story Bible
The Story Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Worryingly, almost one in three Britons did not know where the story of the birth of Jesus could be found, which is even more worrying when you consider the survey was conducted just after Christmas. 9% thought that King Midas and Icarus featured in the Bible and 6% thought it contained the story of Hercules.
Other troubling statistics that don't bode well for Christianity in future generations include 23% of children having never heard of Noah's ark, 38% didn't know anything about Adam and Eve, 43% were ignorant of the Crucifixion, 66% knew nothing of the Creation and 75% lacked any knowledge of Daniel in the Lions' den.
The parents didn't know any better, with nearly half failing to recognise Noah's ark as a Bible story, while there was a significant amount of confusion between whether something appears in the Bible, Harry Potter or the Hunger Games.
Yet nearly half of adults think Bible stories provide ‘good values for life’ and 40 per cent say they are important to our history and culture.
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