Tuesday 18 March 2014

Let us not forget it was God who chose us

Grace (Amos 5:14b, 15b; 1 Pet 1:15b)

We are reminded that it was God who chose us, and extends free and unconditional grace to us. He is pleased to do this willingly out of his great, undeserved love for us (Eph 2:4-10).
In return we have nothing to give him to express our thanks except lives that grow in holiness and reach out in love to share grace with others. We will continually fail but thankfully, it is the intent and the heart that he reads, not the result.
To be holy is firstly, and above all, a matter of who we are that flows into what we do. Our being initiates and colours our doing.

In the Grace of Your Love
In the Grace of Your Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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