Thursday, 12 June 2014

Zionism occupier

Simin Rafati writes:

Judaism Rejects Zionism
Judaism Rejects Zionism (Photo credit: danny.hammontree)
Iran's Armenians, Assyrians, Jews and Zoroastrians have members in the parliament which is rarely, if any, seen in countries with Christian majority (needless to say I mean representing Islam and not being Muslim but standing for other political parties).
Judaism has always been separated from Zionism at least since the 1979 revolution and it is Zionism which is considered as occupier, militarist, and a defamation to even Judaism, which is hardly a position for Iran only. Even archbishop Desmond Tutu who experienced apartheid himself was surprised by the Israeli apartheid. Judism is respected as other true religions.
Last but not least, Iran's religion was Shi'ism in the time of the Shah too while with the 1979 revolution people chose for a religious regime. I hope that other countries and those carrying out pew researches can recognize the democratic right of the Iranian people for their choice.

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