Thursday, 12 June 2014

Meet the atheist … who believes in God

By The CNN Editors  Opinion by Frank Schaeffer, special to CNN  (CNN)

 -- All the public debates between celebrity atheists and evangelical pastors are as meaningless as literary awards and Oscar night.  They are meaningless because participants lack the objectivity to admit that our beliefs have less to do with facts than with our personal needs and cultural backgrounds.  The words we use to label ourselves are just as empty.  What exactly is a “believer?” And for that matter what is an “atheist?” Who is the objective observer to define these terms?  Maybe we need a new category other than theism, atheism or agnosticism that takes paradox and unknowing into account.  Take me, I am an atheist who believes in God.  Let me explain.
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Our brains are not highly evolved enough to reconcile our hunger for both absolute certainty and transcendent, inexplicable experiences.

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