Saturday, 23 August 2014

Do you believe in One god

 Please do find:
  1. God is one
  2. God of gods
  3. Only one God
  4. A God between many gods
  5. Seeing or not seeing and willingness to find God
  6. The Trinity - the Truth
  7. Christianity without the Trinity
  8. People Seeking for God 1 Looking for answers
  9. People Seeking for God 2 Human interpretations
  10. People Seeking for God 3 Laws and directions
  11. People Seeking for God 4 Biblical terms
  12. People Seeking for God 7 The Lord and lords
  13. The Bible and names in it
  14. Lord and owner
  15. Lord in place of the divine name
  16. Pluralis Majestatis in the Holy Scriptures
  17. Hellenistic influences
  18. Politics and power first priority #2
  19. Politics and power first priority #3 Elevation of Mary and the Holy Spirit
  20. The wrong hero
  21. On the Nature of Christ
  22. Why think that (1) … Jesus existed?
  23. Why think that (2) … Jesus claimed to be something special
  24. Why think that (3) … Jesus rose from the dead
  25. Why think that (4) … God would reveal himself in words
  26. Jesus begotten Son of God #13 Pre-existence excluding virginal birth of the Only One Transposed
  27. Jesus begotten Son of God #19 Compromising fact
  28. Nazarene Commentary Luke 3:1, 2 – Factual Data
  29. Nazarene Commentary Matthew 3:13-17 – Jesus Declared God’s Son at His Baptism
  30. Entrance of a king to question our position #1 Coming in the Name of the Lord
  31. Entrance of a king to question our position #2 Who do we want to see and to be
  32. Marriage of Jesus 2 Standard writings about Jesus
  33. Marriage of Jesus 5 Papyrus fragment in Egyptian Coptic
  34. Marriage of Jesus 8 Wife of Yahweh
  35. Marriage of Jesus 10 Old and New Covenant
  36. In the death of Christ, the son of God, is glorification
  37. 3 Reasons the Resurrection Matters
  38. A fact of History or just a fancy Story
  39. Philippians 1 – 2
  40. Trusting, Faith, Calling and Ascribing to Jehovah #10 Prayer 
  41. TD Jakes Breaks Down the Trinity, Addresses Being Called a ‘Heretic’
  42. The Third Word: Scripture twisting is blasphemy
  43. Corruption in our translations !
  44. Patriarch Abraham, Muslims, Christians and the son of God
  45. Science, belief, denial and visibility 1
  46. Follower of Jesus part of a cult or a Christian
  47. Being Religious and Spiritual 5 Gnostic influences
  48. Being Religious and Spiritual 6 Romantici, utopists and transcendentalists
  49. Being Religious and Spiritual 7 Transcendence to become one
  50. Being Religious and Spiritual 8 Spiritual, Mystic and not or well religious
  51. Building up the spirit of the soul


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