Tuesday, 3 February 2015

When you don't know what to do and hate yourself

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Life at certain moments can look not so pleasant.
Everyone has to undergo certain afflictions, be it growing up with lots of falling down, with or without much love and heart break, gain and loss.

It can well be at certain moments that you do not like yourself, that you do not like the other, that you do not like a certain situation. Know that it are moments which can come over you, creating doubt, creating questions, making you fearful, making you not sure, sometimes even causing pain.

Each day is different and can have us feeling different, looking at things in a different way. Often the way we look at things or the way we feel things depends on the way we are willing to place ourselves in the context and how we want to relate to what is happening.

The best thing to tackle life is first getting to know yourself and making yourself prepared and willing to see and cope with the good and bad elements in yourself. Loving yourself is 'primordial'.
From Scriptures you can learn that you too are created in the image of God and as such should have qualities which the Creator has Himself also and has been willing to share with you. He has given His Word and His knowledge to share with the whole world and you can make use of it. It can strengthen you and give lots of advice to make the best out of life.

The Bible is there to be used and to fill your life with certainties on which you can build.

when you are willing to come in humbleness to the Most High, He is willing to listen to your soft voice, to your wishes, to your hopes and see your dreams. As God's only begotten son told "Knock and the door shall be opened",  "Ask and it shall be given", but never forget to ask that it shall be God His will that shall come over you and fulfil your life according to His Wishes.


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