Friday, 27 March 2015

God bringing to Christadelphian community

The Christadelphian community may be called a very small community. The members have to be very patient and in some countries they are very isolated. In others their members may have moments they are all together with a nice bunch but every year there is a period where the members go off to their family members far away. also in South Africa During where during December, most of the P2P projects slowly come to a stop as the kids leave the province to visit relatives in other provinces/countries. Although they do set dates for when these projects will resume in the new year they can never be completely sure how many will return and/or remember to attend on that day.

They do know at P2P that they should trust God and see how he provides.  > God Gives the Increase

On February the  22nd they could rejoice in the baptism of Cathrine after she gave a wonderful confession of her faith  Cathrine has been attending Bible classes and meetings at the Kempton Park ecclesia for two years now and the community over there were all so happy to welcome her as a sister.


Baptism of Cathrine Nyamasoka 22 February 2015

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