Tuesday 21 April 2015

Not able to make contact with God because to busy

Do you have that feeling that there is to much to do in a day and that you do not have any time to do something different than your work and afterwards to fall in the couch to relax?

Do you find everyday like a battle to stay on top of things?

There are the kids,which you have to get them ready for school, before you are off to work. Then you have to tackle all the problems at work.
Having a day job, family commitments and then there are so many things you want to have done or which consume your day.

Seeing the clock tick, the time passing by fast, you do not seem to find time to do something else than those things which are required from you.
Finding time for some alone-time with God can be a hassle and at times seem impossible.
Do you know it is not so difficult to take time with God?

Any moment of the day you can pray and have a little word with God. You can use your own words. If you do not know how to start off, you can begin with saying "Our Father" and than building your phrases around the text of that prayer Jesus gave us as an example to pray.

Another way is just before you get out of bed, to take a little moment, waking up with a prayer.
After you get home from work, have done the cooking, even watched some television, before going to bed, take some time to read in the Bible. Make it a custom just before putting yourself at rest to take one moment to let the Words of God come to you. Even when you would read just some or at least one bible verse a day, and let it inspire you, you will grow in the Word of God.

It is not bad to end the day with a retrospective. Just take one moment really for yourself and for your Maker.
At the end of the day check if you tried once more to live your life as God asks you to do. Know that it does not have to be so hard hard to reach out to Him in prayer. He is there to listen to you at any moment. Be it that you are in the bathroom or any small room, no matter where, you can talk to Him. Dare to speak to Him and ask Him to help you lead a Christian life.

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