Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Yazidi, they who were created

Conical roofs characteristic of Yazidi sites m...
Conical roofs characteristic of Yazidi sites mark the tomb of Şêx Adî in Lalish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yazidi comes from "Azdaim" which means "I was created". They say they follow God and His angels. For them there is only One God Who has good and bad in His Hands. They are not against any religion and are not against any people.

The Yazidi or Ezidis have been oppressed for many years by the Ba'athists, Al Qaeda,  and now IS. According to one of the preachers it is because they are a small community of believers, a closed religion of a people of faith, mercy and humanity, which does not have much contact with the world, and by being humble an opportunity is taken by others to oppress them. Others want to annihilate them and not having their own state to defend themselves, not having weapons, they need protection.

They just want to live in peace and do not want a specific country for them because according to their faith the world (or globe) is a garden for every one. In a garden are many flowers and they consider them also one of the flowers which can give colour to the garden.

Many Kurds know the Ezidis as refugees, IDPs, even as devil worshippers - though mostly through biased media reports. Kawa wants to learn the truth about the people’s religion and daily life. In a ZLR episode Kawa goes to a Ezidi community in Lalesh, the main Yazidi temple complex in the KR. He meets a young man called Zaid, who shows Kawa various aspects of Ezidi life; from how they eat, to prayer in their temple, to who is protecting them from IS. Zaid and his family were on Mount Sinjar and along with others subjected to much horror and deprivation.

In a video on Middle East Alliance Community Baba Chawesh tells about that garden and his people

> https://www.facebook.com/MiddleEastAlliance/videos?fref=photo

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