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Saul, Paul, Jackman and film

Hugh Jackman at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine p...
Hugh Jackman at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiere in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Of the early Christians probably the apostle Paul is the most interesting to make a movie about the Jesus' followers.

Hugh Jackman to star in the role as the Jewish man of God (also known as Saul of Tarsus) who crossed over to speak to the Romans and preach the word. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will be the other actors with name to pull in the crowd.

Not really an apostle in the strictest sense of the word, the devout Jew Saul of Tarsus even got to be known in the region for his dedication to persecuting the first followers of the Nazarene Jeshua (Jesus Christ). For the early Christians life was not made easy by Saul up to his voyage from Jerusalem to Damascus when he got struck by the vision of a resurrected Jesus, in the form of a bright, blinding light. He was blinded until he got insight and understood he had to work for Christ. A man named Ananias prayed and restored his eyesight.

At first the early Christians were very cautious, but soon Paul became one of the most important messengers of Jesus and went on trips to Rome and appeared before the rulers because he was also a Roman citizen. He is credited with writing 14 of 27 books in the New Testament.

Because of his special character and will to protect the truth of the divine Creator and to bring the truth of God's provision for salvation by Christ Jesus, this Biblical figure is an ideal character to be the pivot for a modern film.

The move follows the success of several other faith-based films including Son Of God, God’s Not Dead, Heaven Is For Real, to name a few.

Jackman, of course, has a huge fan base due to the X-Men and Wolverine movies so his name and star power is well-established across the globe. The next and probably last Wolverine film hits theatres March 3, 2017. He is also on board to star as PT Barnum for The Greatest Showman On Earth. Same with Affleck and Damon (Bourne Supremacy franchise).

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