Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Christadelphians coping in Nepal

Latest update from Nepal:

Bro. Jonathan & Sis. Jocelyn Wallace (ACBM) have been in contact with the ecclesia and report as follows:

Thursday 30/4/2015 – I have been on the phone to Brother Tarjan. Sister Nanu has gone into labour with her and brother Raju's first child they are trying to get her into the hospital, it is very hard as you can imagine at present as the hospitals are all overloaded.

Three brothers have left to travel for Sitali by motorbike. It's believed the village has been wiped out. Many of our brothers and sister have lost their homes. On Tuesday I found out that brother Nar was missing with his two children, but they are now accounted for and are safe.

Friday 1/5/2015 AM – I have spoken with the brothers and sister again. They are trying to help as many as possible and have spent a fair bit of money on essentials - food, water, & clothes etc. Some of the brothers have visited ecclesias in some remote areas taking food money and clothes. They also held a breaking of bread with brothers and sisters. Today they received the A$4,000 that was sent earlier in the week.

Friday 1/5/2015 PM – The brothers traveling to Sitali have reached there and report that the houses have extensive damage but the brothers and sisters are ok. They are helping the village having taken as much supplies as they can carry. They have also had a breaking of bread. The houses of many Kathmandu brothers & sisters have cracks as has the Hall at Chabahil. Sister Nanu is now in hospital in labour. Brother Raju and his mother and some of the sisters are there. Sister Kalawati said they have been helping as many as possible with food blankets and whatever they have. They have been using their own money for this.

ABCM contacts for Nepal: Brother Jonathan and Sister Jocelyn Wallace. Surplus funds from the Vanuatu Cyclone appeal are being redirected to Nepal.