Thursday, 28 May 2015

Swiss to vote on embryo regulation in June

-> Microscopic image of an human kidney (embry...
-> Microscopic image of an human kidney (embryo). H&E. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Switzerland will hold a constitutional referendum on June 14 to decide whether to legalize preimplanation genetic testing.

Swiss law currently only permits three embryos to be created in IVF treatment because this is the number which can be immediately implanted. If the constitution is altered, it will be possible to create 12 embryos, some of which could be tested for genetic diseases and the others can be frozen. While nearly all the political parties support the amendment, it faces a substantial opposition.

 Marco Romano, a parliamentarian for the centre Christian Democrats, was in favour of it until he spoke to doctors in a clinic: “I spoke at length with a professor and I had the impression that the specialists want to use anything that technology makes possible, to the point of playing with life, reducing it to a point that is almost banal …

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