Tuesday 2 June 2015

Which Christian sect is the only true Christian church?

Lunatic outpost poses good question: Which Christian sect is the only true Christian church?

How many times do we not hear one or the other church saying they are the only one right church? How often do we not hear people saying they belong to the one one true church?

TrolLOP had a former Baptist, now Jehovah Witness, come to his/her door the other day. After talking to her for awhile, he/she asked her if she now believes that the Jehovah Witnesses are the only true Christians. She said yes. But TrolLOP was taught that if you weren't Catholic you weren't really Christian. And that is what we often hear Catholics saying that they are the only true universal church of God, based on the task given to saint Peter the first pope of their church.

LoP Guest remarked that the Roman Church banned the Bible, and changed the word;
 claims the pope is the 'vicar of christ'
When we look at the Roman Catholic Church we also can see that they do not mind bowing down in front of graven images of the one they claim to be God and of human beings they consider to be 'saints' who can do holy or sacred things for them. Though the God of the Bible is clear we may not have other gods in front of the God of gods and may not bow down in front of graven images which can do nothing for us.

Those Catholics we could also see in the journals on television yesterday also like to burn candles as an 'offering' for god and talisman to succeed in certain things (this time of year the final exams).

LoP Guest considers all Protestants God's people and gives the impression she thinks all of them belong to the true church of God.
Whether they are Jehovah's Witness and do not believe in this or not. We are all God's people, although some may interpret the Bible differently, some more wrong than others.

TrolLOP wants
to ask the Christians here, is there only one true Christian sect/church and which one is it?

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