Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bringing into safety from Irak and Iran

English: Map of Iran-Irak war, Furthest ground...
English: Map of Iran-Irak war, Furthest ground gains. Red = Irak / Yellow = Iran Deutsch: Irak-Iran-Krieg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Belgian Christadelphians did not have much luck with keeping in contact with those from Irak and Iran, they brought  into safety and gave financial assistance. Even those which got baptised, once in the West in safety did not keep to the faith and enjoyed their renewed life in the capitalist world in the same way as most people do who are surrounded by all the materialistic tempting goods.

Brother Mehdi escaped persecution in Iran and recently left Turkey, being granted asylum in the United States. His wife and daughter remain in Turkey awaiting permission to resettle. After originally being sent to Kentucky by the resettlement agency, the Bloomington ecclesia supported his relocation to their city, so that he might be in the company of brethren and be able to benefit from ecclesial life. 
Although the federal government provides some funding to refugees, many expenses are not covered.
There are also numerous practical issues that need to be addressed such as enrolling in ESL classes, finding suitable housing, obtaining employment and securing transportation. At the request of the Bloomington ecclesia, WCF has provided financial assistance to cover rent and utility expenses until our brother becomes self-sufficient. 
The Foundation also continues to financially support many of the brethren remaining in Turkey as they await the slow process of resettlement to a new home in the West.


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