Thursday 30 July 2015

Human beings and creation

Homo sapiens sapiens - Deliberate deformity of...
Homo sapiens sapiens - Deliberate deformity of the skull, "Toulouse deformity ". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human species think they are superior to other species and behave uncontrolled hautain.

Over the years they made not only a mess of their own society and history, they also intruded the life of the other species and made it for many impossible to survive.

Throughout history we got a species which wanted not to be associated with animals though they often behave worse than animals. they also became a sort which liked to bring forward many excuses for things they did. As such they say that they are susceptible to weaknesses:
they are only human, and therefore mistakes do occur the risk of human error

It is a created being which has many weaknesses and makes lots of errors. Often for their wrongdoing they try to blame others. Or they use the mistakes from others to make themselves seem better. They like to show of their better 'Me' with better qualities, such as kindness or sensitivity.

As a human being we like to see the primate mammal of the genus Homo, the only living species of which is Homo sapiens.
Some like to compare them with near relatives like the chimpanzee, gorilla and orang-utan, an d are intrigued by their several distinct features.
Normally they walk upright, often hiding their patchily hairy body, but not afraid to boast with their musculature or specific bodily design.

They consider themselves the brightest of all creatures and like to see the proof of it in their brains and their forehead which is higher than that of any ape.

Microscopically, humans are distinct from great apes by the size, number, and shape of their chromosomes. Another distinction is the human capacity for language. Socially, humans are similar to lesser primates, preferring a family or other small group.

Humans have always actively made great changes to both their immediate environment and to ecosystems. And there lies a big problem, because most often they did not take much notice of the consequences of their actions in nature.

Being five for twelve it is getting time that those human beings wake up from their self-esteem dreams. They often being full of selfishness have to start thinking about others more.

Many leaders also think they should interfere with what man is doing to himself and to other creatures living on this planet earth.

Please do continue reading about man's position in this universe and how the human being has to take up his responsibility.

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