Friday, 31 July 2015

Nigerian-born South African pastor assaulted by street thugs for preaching the word of God on the streets

English: looking out over Johannesburg from Br...
looking out over Johannesburg from Braamfontein. Nelson Mandela bridge over the train station. CBD in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A 48-year-old Nigerian-born South African pastor, of The Evangelical Christian Assembly, South Africa, Zander Emenogo, was waylaid and assaulted by street thugs for preaching the word of God on the streets.

Already been talking about drugs, crime and violence in the streets and parks of Johannesburg for 10 years he encountered two young men who did not like it and wanted that had to shut his big mouth.

The  scared father of two said he had to pass on the message whether someone got upset or not.

He said
“I didn’t know I was stepping on toes as I preached on. I only realized that when I rounded off my preaching and wanted to go home.”
“When I turned around to find my way out of the street, I felt a heavy blow on my head and passed out. I only woke up after 4 hours in a hospital bed,”
he added.

He said he didn’t give up. He went back to the street after been discharged yesterday and was threatened.
“A man told me what the guys did on Saturday was nothing compared to what they would do if I didn’t stop preaching.”
“I told him I preach what the Lord tells me,”
 Zander said.

As the story goes, the police are currently investigating the incident and no arrest has so far been made.


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