Thursday 9 July 2015

Old Man of Prayer

Old Man of Prayer
Ignoring the cold constriction of knees long past their best
This old man of prayer persisted with long earned patience.
Painfully positioned, hand grasping each other in a determined embrace
The old man of prayer dropped his head, eyes locking out the simple room.
He paused, to release his thoughts and invite a focus on the one who made him
The old man of prayer knew his time was short, but he thought slowly.
He prayed a life of friendships and family long travelled
The old man of prayer told the story as he had done many times before.
The story of love and joy that brings tears and pain
The old man of prayer found his cheeks moist with memories.
The story of failure and desire of hope that confuses and refines
The old man of prayer, with undaunted clarity pushed on.
Then pain splashed across his frail body, pushing him into the grey
And the old man of prayer knew that his time had come.
They found the old man of prayer resting peacefully against his bed, still kneeling, hands loosely bound in prayer, a faint smile fixed on his face.
When they gently removed him they found two knee sized worn patches in the carpet beneath him.
The ambulance attendant, quietly offered, ‘Amen.’

By Mark Brown


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