Monday 10 August 2015

About lions and babies

Are we hypocrite?

Belinda, who is happily married to her childhood sweetheart and who has two gorgeous kids is outraged by the hypocrisy of the moral-high ground that the media, government officials, social media and individuals are all taking around the killing of a lion by a rich dentist.

She hates hunting for sport and hates that a defenceless animal is killed at the whim of a human-being sporting a gun. She surely does not understand how killing anything is considered sport.

But what seems to trouble more is something what should have many other people also set to think about an even worse matter.

The outrage over the death of a lion! To the point where the man who killed it has to go into hiding. Where is the outrage over:
  • 60 million babies aborted in the USA since Roe Vs Wade,
  • the estimated 80,000 babies that are aborted in Australia every year and the
  • 336 million babies aborted in China over the last 40 years?
One may argue that abortion has nothing to do with the killing of Cecil the lion and that the two issues should not be connected. After all one is to do with killing for sport, the other is “women’s healthcare”.
Agreed. They are not the same issue. {World Outrage Grows Over Cecil the Lion}


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