Monday, 31 August 2015

Bible ownership and Bible knowledge slumped

In the UK household ownership of the Bible has slumped, readership of the Bible has declined (with only around one in ten reading it at least weekly and three-quarters less than once a year, or never).

In the midst of previous century Europeans could be surprised when they came into Great-Britain finding so many churches full of people and finding a popular BBC program like Songs of praise.

The 'Journal of Contemporary Religion published 123 national sample surveys of the UK adult general population. Also the analysis, published by Clive Field, from the Universities of Birmingham and Manchester, included as well 35 national and local sample surveys of adult religious populations.

Entitled, 'Is the Bible Becoming a Closed Book? British Opinion Poll Evidence', the investigation suggests one interpretation of this mass of data might be that Christianity is becoming 'de-coupled' from the book on which it is founded.

It is not only a problem in Great Britain that we can hear people talking about their faith and telling about believes which have nothing to do any more with what is written in the Bible.
Many churches had already gone astray for some years but the population not only got mist in their eyes from the many sermons but also continue to be carried away by more magical or fantasy rich ideas which could let have them dream about many things, like having their soul going into an other body or at an other place when they die.

Knowledge of the content of the Bible is decreasing in the UK like it is everywhere in Europe.
Many also lost the faith in the truth of the Bible. Some also because they became confronted with the contradiction form what the Bible said and what their pastors or priests said. Only a small and dwindling minority believes the Bible to be true, word for word. Key storylines in the Bible -- Creation, Virgin Birth, gospel miracles, Resurrection -- are being progressively rejected as historically inaccurate.

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