Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Who would not mind to send Sis. Lisa Firmstone some card

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends:

Sis. Lisa Firmstone is a member of the Honesdale Ecclesia (a very small ecclesia down the road from Camp Ladore, Pennsylvania).
They used to attend Sunday Service at Camp Ladore which was a highlight of their ecclesia seeing they were somewhat isolated in their small town in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Lisa is in her 40's now but was baptized as a young lady back in her 20's. She has been a strong courageous sister who has endured much hardship with her Cerebral Palsy which she has had since birth. It is very debilitating and she gets very depressed sometimes. Her greatest joy is letters, cards and pictures from the brother and sisters. As stated below she has been going through a particularly hard stretch the last few months and is very withdrawn.

She celebrated her birthday on December 15, 2015 so for that you might think it would be too late, but even belated birthday cards, pictures of ourselves and other brothers and sisters to Lisa would lift her spirits greatly.

About a dozen young people along with Bro. Mike Kemp (Washington, D.C.) visited her after Camp Ladore one year about 15 years ago and she was do elated but also overwhelmed by the emotions she struggled at the amount of people at one time.

Perhaps some individual visits in small groups could work. If any have a little time to reach out to Lisa she would find great joy in it as well as her mother.

You can mail cards to her:

Lisa Firmstone
716 Maple Avenue
Honesdale, PA 18431