Monday, 15 February 2016

2016 Prophecy day and The Final Great Earthquake

Rugby town centre.jpgTo help us on our walk, waiting for the return of our Lord and Master the Christadelphians intend to hold their annual Prophecy day again this year on 27th February at the Benn Hall, Rugby CV212LN.

If you have a facebook account you can register your interest here to give them an idea of numbers.

This year they have again invited 3 speakers to speak under the theme
'The Final Great Earthquake!''

The first speaker at 11.30am will be Bro Stephen Palmer (Mumbles) and the title of his address is 'Jerusalem, the Burdensome Stone'

Second study at 2.15pm is Bro Jonathan Cope (Cov West) who will speak on
'Babylon, the Stone Destined to Sink'

And the third study at 3.55 is Bro Don Pearce (Rugby) who will present his Latest 'Milestones Update'

Doors open at 10am and light refreshments will be served.
Lunch will be at 12.50pm and you are encouraged to bring a packed lunch ( Liquid refreshment will be served).
Alternatively, the town center is very accessible, where a wide range of food outlets can be found.

Again the organisers are providing a Creche with a live videos link and DVD's and Audio will be available to purchase after the event by order form.
Books, magazines, video displays and craft stalls will also be in situ.

God willing, the day will also be broadcast live on the internet here...

You will also be able to watch the video from the Prophecy website on the day (password 'TFGE')
Please contact for more info.

They also hope to add the videos to the site after the event here...

Christadelphian Voice conferencing will also be broadcasting again this year, Please register beforehand at

Sis Rachel Wadsworth has also kindly informed that they will also be broadcasting at Southport meeting room. Anyone who would like to come and join them is very welcome. They will be listening to the audio and watching the slides on the big screen.*

Ample parking is available at the Benn hall for just 3 pounds all day.

For further information please contact Bro Don Pearce
Call: 01788 542408
Fax: 01788 824256
Don's Milestones website has been revamped and can be viewed here..

Visit the dedicated facebook page

All arrangements are subject to the will of God.