Tuesday 19 April 2016

Evolution of life but not according to Darwin's evolution theory

English: Caricature of Charles Darwins theory ...
Caricature of Charles Darwins theory of evolution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Watchtower Society presents videoclips. The April 2016 broadcast sees William Malenfant introducing a new feature in which scientists who happen to be Jehovah’s Witnesses are interviewed about their views on evolution. Yaroslav Dovhanych, a Russian zoologist, and Professor Raj Kalaria, a brain researcher at England’s Newcastle University in England.

Describing his pre-creationist experience Dovhanych says:
“The evolutionary theory, in my opinion, quite reasonably argued that there is no creator.”
According to him the evolution theory argues that everything was shaped by a series of random changes and combinations.

For many it seems difficult to see that evolution is a guided process, even if natural forces rather than a supreme celestial supervisor are doing the guiding. when you look around yourself, in your family, you will notice many changes by you against your ancestors. Continually we are evolving.

Dovhanych started to wonder about the evolution theory and noticed things that contradicted the Darwin theory of evolution.
“Can anyone say that some computer programs appeared simply by chance? In contrast, evolutionists would like us to believe that DNA was formed by evolution. To illustrate, say you take some letter blocks, pour them on to the table, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica is formed. There is an even smaller probability that DNA originated by evolution.”
he says.

Raj Kalaria does find that
“We were taught about evolution of life, and this was just part of the curriculum,”
and looks at his years of training when scientist tried to look at all things withouth taking God in the picture.
“At the time there were no other options, as it were. God did not come in the picture at all, or God creating the heavens and the earth, as it were, never came in the picture.”

Kalaria supports the belief that human life can continue once a brain dies certain people will be able to live as spirit creatures in heaven, and these kingly entities will rule over a future Earth populated solely by Jehovah’s Witnesses, many of whom will be resurrected with new brains to replace the ones they lost at death.

“We started looking at the nerve cells themselves in terms of the volume and the number,”
 says Kalaria,
“And it’s phenomenal that in that small area of the brain there are some 1.4 billion neurons. So the number of connections that make us, synapses they make, is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. And so when you think about the complexity of all that, how is it possible that that is just by random chance? It has to be guided.”
Those scientists who find such ideas ludicrous because for them it is impossible that there would exist such a deity because it must have been vastly complex in the first place. they seem to forget that makes Him the Omnipotent One.


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