Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Preaching in the 21st century: Workshop at the UK Harper Adams Bible School in early August

Harper Adams University
Harper Adams University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Gordon Dawes will be leading a workshop at the UK Harper Adams Bible School in early August (DV). He is  researching across the Christadelphian community internationally for modern preaching ideas which have been shown to work.

Please email him at 


with your experiences. 
He would be grateful for any information. There is no immediate rush but he would like to have his thoughts and presentation ready by mid July!

For reference, the basis of the workshop is 

Preaching in the 21st century
How best to continue to spread the good news of the Gospel in today's busy, 'enabled' world is a subject testing many in our community. A lot of effort still goes into Sunday evening 'lectures', special efforts and campaigns, but are these still the best - the only - way to connect with people today?

This group will share and discuss the needs and fears, experiences of what works, what does not work, in different situations, and give examples of what some are doing to try to attract attention and share the principles of our faith in a vibrant and faithful way.