Monday, 1 August 2016

Imam at a Cardiff mosque preaches you can take captives and own sex slaves

Saudi Arabia’s religious scholars are the ultimate authority on the verification of Islamic materials that Muslims worldwide read, follow, teach and promote. The Saudis spread their approved doctrines throughout the world.

Ali Hammuda, an Imam at a Cardiff mosque where three young jihadis from the city worshipped before travelling to Syria to join Islamic State, told the group of boys as young as 13 that the ‘day of judgment is close’ – a key part of IS’s warped propaganda.

The teachings that cleric Ali Hammuda is propagating has been approved and cleared right from Mecca. In other words, parallel with British law and society there is a Saudi culture and legal system building momentum in the city of Cardiff where that Imam is also preaching things which are not according to our Western values.

Many may not understand that radicalising authority is till allowed to teach in Great Britain.

He tells those who come by him for guidance to what the Prophet says one of the Doomsday signs will be when a slave girl gives birth to her master:
‘One of the interpretations as to what this means is that towards the end of time there will be many wars like what we are seeing today, and because of these wars women will be taken as captives, as slaves, yeah, women will be taken as slaves.

When wars go on  often we can see that children and women are degraded and used as sex slaves. But that does not mean we have to agree with that or to find it normal. but in this teacher his interpretation of the Hadith, coming near the end it will be acceptable that children will come to treat their mothers like slaves and that it is permissible
to have relations with a woman who is your slave or your wife.
 he said.

At no point does Hammuda, who was born in Palestine but brought up in the UK, point out that slavery is no longer permitted in Islam, nor indeed that it is illegal in the UK.

Hammuda, in white, is the English Islamic programmes officer at Cardiff’s Al-Manar Mosque. His Halaqa – or study circle – are advertised on posters stating Keep Calm And Come To Halaqa

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