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Being aligned with above

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To become justified we ourselves do have to act in the right way. We must act justly and we also have to enact it. It’s in our own hands.

The word, “Tzedek,” which means “justice,” also means “righteousness.” 
The Hebrew word “Tzedaka,” which means “charity,” comes from that same word, “Tzedek,” which can mean that they are connected. Unless righteousness is rooted in kindness, in compassion, and in being a giver and caring for the poor and needy, etc., it is not “just.”

Being “right with God” but not with your fellow man is not aligned with heaven.

The world has chosen to go its own way, but along the way many people also demanded to have judges. As such we got the judges and in the Book of judges or "Shoftim" we can see how an
unjust society may be tried but also directed. 

In the Torah portion of Shoftim, “justice” is not a single word, because it is not a single concept. The double word is its own congruence. That’s the alignment to strive for – justice that is righteous and righteousness that is just – rooted in kindness, caring, and giving. Says Robert Frost,
Nothing can make injustice just but mercy.”
What is done wrong shall have its consequences. Even when we regret what we did wrong we shall have to bear the consequences. sometimes we even may think we did the right thing but did something wrongly or it turned out badly. Living in this world we are under the events of this world, dependant on others but also on our own. And it is that self that can make the better choices, leaving those who want to be off the world for what they are and may think of us. They may laugh with us for us choosing an other way of life. But we have to make that important choice and have to go for the right way.
Even when we have the right intentions things may go wrong, but at least then we tried. Whatever we do it can always be that the world does not like it. When we did it with a right heart and good intentions who is to blame?

When we live in this world, we do have to grow up and have several decades of trying. With falling and standing up again we learn. By trial we grow and learn our lesson:
we might not be able to repair our world, we might not be able to change our community, we might not be able to uplift our family, we might not get to our goal,
That all seem so bad (you would think). But it should not all so be so bad. When we as person can change and become better in the end, it is not at all bad.  We should be able to transform ourself. 

Each of us has the ability to perfect our own soul; to begin that process of self-transformation.  The crux of this story:
we can’t begin to change the world, unless we first begin to change ourselves.

Best is that we try to be in alignment with the heavenly rules and statues God provided for His creation.Every day we should think about the Most Divine Creator and see ourself in His creation. Where do you want to stand in it? Where do you place yourself?

Are we willing to change ourselves and are we willing to try to go for a new spiritual life?

To get justice ourselves we have to show others justice and should we have charity and mercy for others. At the same time we should be willing to change and to get ourselves transformed under the working of greater forces than those of this world. Believing in the Great power of That One Who gave the authority to Jesus to judge mankind, we shall have less to fear when we try to follow those words of that sent one from God.

Following Jesus we can put our hope in becoming justified and when becoming righteous enjoying already now the blessings of a new life.


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