Friday 21 October 2016

Jews the next scapegoat for Donald Trump

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...
speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In the United States of America Ashkenazi American Jews have had white privilege since at least after World War II. Most Jews could build up a nice life in the States and managed to get in some high positions.

Until the preparation for the election of the new president this year they never experienced some examples of it that other ethnicities have and had not to worry about showing to others which religion they belonged to. But when Donald trump came into the picture as a candidate for the presidency this changed in the negative sense.

Suddenly it became clear that Jews are still more “ethnic” than other white Americans, leaving them more vulnerable to prejudice. And that prejudice grew by the many remarks which were made at the sideline as well on several speakers platforms of the Republicans.

During his campaign Trump showed his right-wing tendencies and welcomed many of his volatile anti-Semites supporters. Being a right-wing, populist, authoritarian demagogue with no political credentials and not with enough political knowledge. all the time he never came up with some serious political propositions for the future, but did everything to attack his opponents and telling lots of things which were far from the truth.

I cannot understand ho this man of 'big words', showing no respect for others, got such a following even from women whom he considers a lower species, having no right to decide for themselves. We can see that by his daring to attack the system and doubting the integrity of the state, enjoying fear-mongering and open bigotry he could build up an unbelievable group of followers who seem to take everything he says, though quite often he came to say the opposite of what he said before. He managed to have those who do not think for themselves behind him.

Trump in his debate yesterday clearly expressed when he would be president he would people on the major posts  who follow his ideas. And that would make it very dangerously for the freedom of the American citizen. All the previous months he showed his contempt for the American system and called for a ban on Muslim, Mexican and other immigration of noon-white folks as well as on the deportation of American citizens born to undocumented immigrants and the loosening of libel laws, proposals which blatantly violate the First, Fifth and 14th Amendments.

That Trump is loved by Putin may be not a surprise both being cut of the same wood. But this also meaning that when Trump would come into power he also could start taking care to get rid of all who oppose him and to make a dictatorial state.
Americans better would look to some other lunatics in Europe who managed to promise the people a lot, but who once in power created a horrible place for many living in the country of their demagogy.

We can only hope the majority of Americans shall use their brains and shall prefer to chose for their country more than for their party. Because Americans should be aware of the danger this man could bring not only to their own country but also to the whole world. That is the reason why this election has also become so important for us Europeans and for other nations who can see this man who would not mind creating one or another war or being the cause of it.

Americans should also be aware that once in power this man who showed his disgust for non-whites and non-christians (though I wonder to which denomination he belongs and if he is an active Christian) As a dictator, one can only imagine what Trump would be willing and able to do to the various ethnic, racial, and religious minorities toward whom he has promoted animosity throughout his campaign. Once he has his way with African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Muslim-Americans, Trump will need to find a new scapegoat to preserve the paranoia his supporters experience which drives them to rally behind him, and he clearly gave already enough signs that it will be those Jews of which he would be happy that they clear out of his country with the Zionists as soon as possible to Israel where they can fight with the Arabs on their own.



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