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The American clouds of Anti-Semitism

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Image of New Statesman Cover from wikipedia commons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
69 years old Larry Jacob who was born and raised in New York had not his ears and eyes closed the last months. He is aware of the danger that lures around the corner.

In his article "Modern anti-Semitism" for the Times of Israel he notices that
Many modern-day American Jews are unaware of the current depth and pervasiveness of anti-Semitism (“AS”) in the U.S..
Therefore he warns them they are feeling too much at ease, thinking that their rights are protected by anti-discrimination laws, such as Title VI. A problem may be that
 they are too busy earning a living and raising a family to focus on AS.
Jacob understands that but
that does not diminish the clear and present danger it represents.
In the previous moths we have seen many documentaries on the American white evangelist lobbies who promote weapon bearing and could hear how they think about "the Jews who killed Jesus". I myself had some correspondence with such 'devout' American evangelicals who are convinced that Jews are the evil of the world and who are convinced the world better could be cleansed from that race.

Anti-Semitism (AS) and other forms of discrimination may officially be prohibited by various federal and state laws in the United States of America, but it looked lie this was only on paper and not something for the reality or to be taken serious by a big group of American citizens.

Jacob writes
 it is also true that attitudes and beliefs cannot be completely controlled by laws.  AS has not yet risen to the level of the 19th Century Russian pogroms or the organized terror of 1930s Nazi Germany, but, ...  AS is still present in the 21st Century, even in the US.  Often, it is more subtle, but, nevertheless, it permeates many areas of our culture.
Also Adele M. Stan the same as we could not do without the idea where Trump could have got the mustard from. Looking at Trump his speech she wrote on AlterNet
The speech was hinged to the original purpose of his campaign: to trade on the resentments of a restive remnant of white America — angry white men and the women who love them — and set the stage for mayhem in the wake of his likely electoral defeat.
This was not your standard, off-the-cuff Trump rant. This was a scripted speech, delivered with a teleprompter. It was crafted. It featured the key words of right-wing complaints: “sovereign,” “global bankers” and “slander.” Really, it came right out of a Nazi propaganda playbook. And when one considers the themes common between Nazi propaganda films and the films made by top Trump campaign staffers Stephen K. Bannon and David Bossie (as analyzed by AlterNet), we should hardly be surprised.
Our thought that Trump sees everywhere a conspiracy against him was confirmed in the debate, him beginning with an attack on the New York Times (whose majority owners are a Jewish family), which he said was engaged in a conspiracy of global proportions with the Clintons, international bankers and major corporations, all to stop him from winning the presidency.


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