Thursday, 24 November 2016

2016 American Bible survey

A presentation edition of a GOD'S WORD bible
A presentation edition of a GOD'S WORD bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When you look at the current political situation in the United States of America you may wonder how it became possible such votes where cast when so many americans say they are Christian.

This year's State of the Bible survey, conducted by American Bible Society and Barna Group, reports that 51 percent of Americans believe politics would be more civil if politicians engaged in regular Bible reading.
This indicates that lots of Americans also believe their politicians do not read often the bible. when they would do so politicians would be more effective, believes 53% of Americans.

American Bible Society President & CEO Roy Peterson believes God's Word has a key role at this pivotal moment for American culture.
 "As America is shaken by skepticism, this is the time to renew hope in the promises of God's Word," 
Peterson says.
 "When people are battling extreme violence, poverty and oppression, this is our time to open the healing words of Scripture."

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