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Comfort For Jews, believers and gentiles with 3rd temple and Hope and Expectation of Israel

English: The Dome of The Rock Mosque, in the t...
The Dome of The Rock Mosque, in the temple mount. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In 1925 Judge Joseph Rutherford wrote a book Titled “Comfort For The Jews,” at the time (1925) in sympathy with Pastor Charles T. Russell’s Discourse to the Jews, called “Zionism In Prophecy” which they had requested he give at the Hippodrome Theater in New York. There Pastor Russell expressed hope and belief that they would return and possess the Land. The 4,000 Jews there were thrilled to hear all this Christian Minister said for their Zionist Hopes and Prospects.

Rutherford of the Present Day “Watchtower,” lost hope for them because it did not materialize in 1925 as he had expected, Therefore, he cast off the Jews as having any part and were no better than Clergy of the Churches and without hope. This is the general view of Christians and Muslims today.


Some of the Jews in Israel would like to demolish El Aqsa and Dome of the Rock Mosques and build a Temple there as in the past. This is what Br. Frank had to say:
 The rebuilding of the Temple will be quickly performed after Jacob’s Trouble and after the New Covenant Jeremiah 31:31is made. Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39 tell of the Blast that will take place in Israel, for Old Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock must be demolished to make room for the new Jerusalem. Ezekiel Chapters 40–47 provide details of the Third Temple, and Chapter 48 describes how Jerusalem will be rebuilt, the geographical relationship of the city to the Temple, the disposition of the land immediately around the city, and how the 12 tribes will be situated. IT IS ALL THERE in the Word of God; but we have our OWN ideas. It has symbolic Lessons as well

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