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Ability (part 7) Thought about the ability to grow as a member of the Body of Christ

Having received the ability to live we also got some talents, which may be totally different from the talents one of our siblings got.

All having received the ability to think about life also got the ability to come to see Who God is and for what purpose we are on this world. The same when we have used the ability to come to know God we have the ability to choose of Him and to serve Him according to His Will.

That ability to serve God is not based on your past, but on your faithfulness today. A person may have been an adversary of God, a big criminal, a lover of fleshy sins, but when he had come to know Christ Jesus and his God, he might have changed. In his conversion to Christianity he not only received the ability to grow as a member of the Body of Christ, sharing with brethren and sisters the love of Christ and the hope to a coming Kingdom of God.

When having hear the call of God, and having answered it positively, one can come under the blessings of the Most High. Being able to feel those blessings one is eager to follow the commandments of God and the commandments of His sent one, Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God. That son gave his followers tasks, which also still count for us today. Jesus asked his followers to go out into the world and to preach the Gospel, the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God.

There are the tasks given by Christ Jesus and the ones given by his heavenly Father. If you are faithful with the tasks God's son and the heavenly Father entrusts to you, God will enable you to accomplish it.

Don’t distinguish between big and small assignments from God. Paul saw every one as a privilege he did not deserve. Whether God has asked you to pray for someone, to minister to a person in need, to lead a Bible study, or to care for those who are sick, strive to be faithful. You will experience His enabling as you serve Him.

If you are faithful in a little, God will entrust you with more. You will be able to join Paul in praising God for having counted you faithful, putting you into His service (Luke 16:10).
“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with a lot. Whoever is dishonest with very little is dishonest with a lot.” (Luke 16:10 GWord)
Even when not experienced, like Timothy was, we can do the work of God and grow in our faith and in the community, like so many before had an opportunity to grow  in their ecclesia.

Paul urged Timothy not to allow his youthful insecurity to blunt his zeal and faithfulness in doing what God had told him. Rather than arguing with those who criticized Timothy, Paul urged him to live as an example of godliness. Paul advised Timothy to live a life that was so spotless in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith, and purity that his life could serve as a model for others in the church to follow. Timothy’s life was to be the evidence that God had called him. God looked beyond Timothy’s youth, timidity, and physical weakness and saw his sincere heart.

We too should take on the right attitude and show others how we are willing to give ourselves to the call we heard from God.

As you seek to follow God’s will, you may identify with Timothy.

Whatever your position at this moment, do know that by using your abilities you make it possible to grow and to develop as a Christian (a follower of Christ).
By allowing God to guide you and to enforce your abilities you shall be able to help not only yourself but also those around you who want to go with you on the same path, laid out in front of you by Jesus, the Way to God.

Just as a tender plant finds a way to grow in a hard and unreceptive environment, so the love of Jesus has the ability to emerge in a life that seems completely unresponsive to the call of the Divine Maker of all things. Giving in to God's call and doing His Will, you shall find that often you shall be able to do more than you would ever thought. This shall be possible when you allow God to demonstrate His call upon you by transforming your life into a model of godliness.


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