Sunday, 18 June 2017

Jeshua-ists and Messianics

In the world of Messianic we may find a problem that there are Messianic Jews and Messianic groups who have believers in a triune god instead of believing the God of the Jewish rebbe Jeshua, Jesus Christ, Who is the God of Israel and the God of Abraham.

Facing that problem several Jews who came to believe in Jeshua being the Messiah do not want to call themselves Messianic Jew do detest Messianics because they can be associated with trinitarian Christians. Therefore it could not be a bad idea to have an indication that they are following the real Jesus Christ, rebbe Jeshua, who worshipped only the One and Only One True God of Israel, Divine Creator of heaven and earth.

The new website Jeshua-ists wants to offer a place to show the world how one can believe in Jesus Christ the Messiah and belong to the Jewish or to the Goyim or Gentile community, but still worshipping the same God as Jeshua and forming one community under the name of Jesus and as such being united in the body of Christ.


Please do find the tow recent formed websites to present Jesus or Jeshua as the Way to God:

Immanuel Verbondskind

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