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WWW on our position 50 years after Israel captured Jerusalem during the Six Day War.

English: Children in the shelter at Kibbutz Da...
English: Children in the shelter at Kibbutz Dan in the Six Day War עברית: ילדים במקלט בקיבוץ דן במלחמת ששת הימים, Original Image Name:ילדים במקלט, Location:דן (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The 7th of June 1967 was when Israel captured Jerusalem during the Six Day War.
On June 28, 1967 the Knesset (the Israeli government) amended the law of 1950, which proclaimed Jerusalem as Israel's capital, to reflect the newly defined boundaries post the Six Day War. Therefore, for the first time since AD70 Israeli law extended to cover all parts of Jerusalem. This was the exact date therefore when the Jews had sovereign control over ALL of Jerusalem.

Israel was a nation on the verge of extinction 50 years ago today.
She existed in a constant state of siege, surrounded by Arab countries united in one cause: destroying the Jewish state. Her neighbours had more soldiers, more arms, more backing and more, it seemed, of everything. The US was a lukewarm friend; America refused to sell weapons to Israel after its involvement in the Suez Crisis in 1956. The Soviets, on the other hand, armed their Arab allies with billions of dollars of weapons. Many thought it a military miracle that Israel still existed. All that changed with the Six-Day War, which began 50 years ago tomorrow. On June 5, 1967, the Israeli air force launched a pre-emptive strike against Egypt’s airfields and a simultaneous ground invasion of its territory. The Arab states counterattacked, but were swiftly overwhelmed. By June 10, Israel had occupied the Sinai, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

The 50th anniversary from a Hebrew calendar point of view though falls on Weds 14th June 2017. This week Andy Walton did a special public presentation in Bristol on the significance of these events back in 1967 and showed how they are part of the plan of God that is leading to the return of Jesus to this earth.

 If you would like to watch this presentation please Click Here to view.
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In this weeks WWW

* Wounded May vows to stay as UK Prime Minister
* Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE  & Bahrain cut ties to Qatar
* Iran offers Qatar use of its ports as Gulf blockade bites
* Iran accuses US, Saudis of supporting Tehran attacks
* US sends B-52 bombers for exercises near Russia
* Fifty year anniversary of the Six-Day War 


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