Monday, 12 June 2017

1967 Six Day War Fifty years later in view

Find Andy Walton focusing on the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people their temple of Solomon and on the root place of Christianity. 

June 1967 6 day war is still in our mind. We were called from the class to watch television because it was thought at that time the third world war had started.

So we present first the docudrama by Gordon Robertson, son of the outspoken conservative televangelist Pat Robertson, who remembers being nine years old when his Southern Baptist pastor father sat the family down, Bibles at their side, to read and understand the ramifications of Israel’s recent victory in the 1967 Six Day War.
“He wanted to emphasize that not too many times in your life do you get to say, a prophecy just got fulfilled,”
 he said.
 “This isn’t just a prophecy from the Old Testament, this is a prophecy from the New Testament as well, that just happened.”

Robertson has been sharing these personal anecdotes with the press as he publicizes his latest Christian Broadcasting Network project, “In Our Hands,” a 108-minute docudrama created by CBN Documentaries to mark the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War.
Robertson, a Yale graduate and attorney who is now CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network and a co-host on the long-running Christian talk show “The 700 Club” created by his father, was in Israel this week to screen the film after showing it in the US and then at the EU in Brussels.

The docudrama is interspersed with filmed scenes of Israeli actors playing the roles of paratroopers, IDF generals and political leaders in a panoply of scenes that are heavy on drama and virtual drumrolls. 
A filmed scene from 'In Our Hands,' the Christian Broadcasting Network docudrama about the Six-Day War (Courtesy CBN)
A filmed scene from ‘In Our Hands,’ a Christian Broadcasting Network docudrama about the Six Day War (Courtesy CBN)
However, it’s the recorded interviews with IDF veterans, somewhat reminiscent of “The Gatekeepers,” Dror Moreh’s award-winning 2012 film about Shin Bet directors, that offer the most impact, as the veterans, now older men, describe the events of that fateful week and relate what the experience felt like for them.



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