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From Two new bibles, a look at one created with passion for creating meaningful, inspirational products that share God’s truth to the world

Who can object to products that share God’s truth to the world?  And when it is about the Word of God we would love to hear about it and get such products better.

BroadStreet Publishing is the publisher of The Passion Translation. It represents their passion for creating meaningful, inspirational products that share God’s truth to the world with beauty, quality, and creativity. 
They were thrilled to partner with former missionary, linguist, minister, and Bible teacher Dr. Brian Simmons in a groundbreaking attempt to re-introduce the passion and fire of the Bible to English readers. Dr. Simmons as a missionary, he and his wife, Candice, pioneered church plants in Central America. As a linguist, Brian co-translated the Paya-Kuna New Testament for the Paya-Kuna people of Panama. He and his wife have birthed numerous ministries, including a dynamic church, Gateway Christian Fellowship, in West Haven, Connecticut. He is also known as a gifted teacher of the Bible who has authored several books and serves churches worldwide through his teaching ministry.

Brian began his biblical studies with The New Tribes Bible Institute and continued on to earn his doctorate with Wagner Leadership Institute, with a specialization on prayer. His doctoral thesis is now published, Prayer Partners with Jesus, available on

While Brian serves as the lead translator for The Passion Translation, every book (including the numerous footnotes) was evaluated by respected scholars and editors. In preparation for the release of the full New Testament October 31, 2017, BroadStreet Publishing formed an even more extensive and diverse team to review and provide critical feedback to ensure The Passion Translation is faithful to the original text and heart of God.

The translators have worked hard to express the original biblical languages in modern English. They believe there really is no such thing as a consistent word-for-word translation. Yes literal meaning matters, but the full meaning of a passage doesn’t transfer from word-to-word. Therefore their translation philosophy is that the meaning of God’s original message to the world has priority over its exact form, which is why their goal was to communicate the meaning of Scripture as clearly and naturally as possible in modern English.

They say
Brian and other reviewers have sought to remain faithful to the original biblical languages by preserving their literal meaning, yet flexible enough to convey God’s original message in a way modern English speakers can understand. It is a balanced translation that tries to hold both the Word’s literal meaning and original message in proper tension, resulting in an entirely new, fresh, fiery translation of God’s Word.
They have good reason to see how language quickly evolves.
About every hundred years or so the vocabulary of people undergoes a dramatic change. In this era of modern technology we find an even more rapid shift. Therefore, it is important to keep translations of the Bible in step with changes in the English language.
they say with reason. But how can you bring the emotion of the different generations and cultures our society encounters. They believe that in past translations wonderfully gifted scholars were trained to focus on other factors besides the emotion of the text but a as Brian has studied the original biblical manuscripts, he uncovered what he believes is the love language of God that has been missing from other translations.

In my previous article I mentioned how people often look at bible translations coming from a denomination, which often gives some problems for accept ion of that translation or gives some negative reactions against it based on church doctrine.

This new Bible translations promises to bring a fresh approach to translating the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic manuscripts that intentionally transcends denominational barriers.
It is not rooted in any one tradition or denomination, but desires to help the wider Body of Christ encounter the heart of God anew in the language of today.

The governing philosophy behind The Passion Translation is to transfer the meaning of God’s original message found in the biblical languages to modern-day English. They believe that Dr. Simmons has sought to faithfully carry over the meaning of the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic into modern English along with the nuances of the Scripture’s poetry and prose to make it sparkle and come alive to the reader.

In fact we must say it is only Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs and the New Testament and not the Whole Bible and when looking at the people who work at the translation again one could say it is also written from a denominational point of view. How it is going to be known we have to wait. It also could be called New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) “translation” of the Bible or New Apostolic Reformation Bible (NARB) or TPT it being produced by the NAR 'apostle' Brian Simmons and being endorsed by
Bill Johnson (Bethel/ NAR), Bobbie Houston (Hillsong), Patricia King (NAR), Lou Engle (The Call/ NAR), James Goll (NAR), John & Lisa Bevere (NAR), Banning Leibscher (Jesus CULTure), Che Ahn (NAR), Stacy Campbell (NAR), Chuck Pierce (Healing Rooms/ NAR)

From Two new bibles, first a look at not such a new one

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