Thursday, 5 September 2019

Jahushua, Joshua, Jeshua or Jesus an Immanuel or God with us an incarnated God or a human being?

There are several people who claim that Jesus is God entre autre because he is called Immanuel and Jesus. They seem to forget that before and after Jesus was born there have been other people with the same name.

The name of Jesus is not the original name of the Nazarene master teacher. His real Hebrew name is Jeshua, a short form or nickname for Jehashua or in old spelling Yahushua. Jeshua is actually the same Hebrew name as Joshua which comes from Je-ho-shua and which means “God saves”.  

It is not because parents where caling their child Immanuel or Emmanuel, which means “God with us” that they would have been convinced that their child would be God having come in their family. All those Immanels and Immanuels are not an incarnation of God, like so many Christians want us to believe.

It is interesting as a sideline to note that Joshua is renamed by Moses from his original name which means “He saves” to “God saves” presumably to underline that it is God that saves not man:

“And Moses called Hoshea the son of Nun Joshua” (Nu 13:16).

The Jeshua born in Bethlehem, brought up in Nazareth and teaching a lot in Galilee, who lived in that region at the same time as the rebellious gangleader who lived in the mountain caves and had the same first name Jeshua (or if you prefer Jesus) was, like the rebel not God incarnated because of his name. Because then God would have been walking at least in two people, the rebellious rabbi or master teacher Jesus and the political rebel, Jesus who fought against the Roman invaders.

The fighter Jeshua or Jesus was hoping to save his  people from the Romans. The prophet Jeshua who taught about love, wanted to save all people from the curse of death. Both could be considered saviours, though none of them was the Saviour God. Both could exist or be there at the same time in the same region. Both could be seen and heard about by many. Several people had put their hope on one or the other man with the name Jeshua (God saves) looking forward to be saved from Roman tirrany. It was because God allowed them to be there, that they could be there.

People can help others and even can save lives of others (like surgeons and first aid workers do), but in the end it is always because God allows those people to be there and to have such gifts to save someone. Without God nobody can do something, or save someone.

The name Jeshua or Jesus was and is still given by people to honour God and to show Him gratitude. But that name does not indicate that Jesus or Chesu of the first century of this Common Era would have been God having come in the flesh. The same, all those who, today, are called or have the name Immanuel, Emmanuel, Jesus, Jezus, Chesu, Jeshua, Jahushua, etc. are not a god or the God incarnated, but are simply human beings of flesh and blood.

After his death and resurrection Jesus (Jeshua) showed his wounds as a proof he was the man of flesh and blood who was previously impaled, and the proof he was not a spirit, like his heavenly Father Who is a Spirit.

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