Monday, 6 April 2020

Not able to see Jesus working wonders

As with the rulers noted in Matthew 21, we might not be able to see Jesus working wonders if we are consumed with power and control, whereas the blind, lame, and little children can truly see him (Matthew 21:14-15).

A big problem these days is that several Trinitarian Christians want others to believe this coronavirus is a penalty of God. Several of those so-called Christians want to bring fear over mankind, some even going so far that this is the end of the world. Others want people to resist vaccinations and say that it is their governments bringing on the mark of the beast on the forehead. One cannot imagine how crazy it can be.

We can see how it are the vulnerable ones who are targetted. Though they have everything to gain and nothing to lose as a result of Jesus, whereas these preachers and leaders fear to lose their grip on power, which they hold onto tightly with a closed fist. They cannot reach out and touch Jesus, like those longing for him, though they long to seize him and do him in (Matthew 21:45-46). What about us?
Did we journey with Jesus through the season of Lent with his disciples simply to take matters into our own hands, like Judas did in his conspiracy with the establishment?

How many of us believe in the miracles Jesus did? How many are willing to witness for him and his works as well as to witness for that only One True God? How many are not afraid to pronounce the Name of that Only One True God?

In these times of isolation, nobody should stop speaking about Jesus and his God. Also in social media can be spoken of the necessity to trust God and to try to keep to the hygienic regulations as they were written down thousands of years ago, but still should apply for today.

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