Monday, 6 April 2020

Not daring to show a connection

For several sorts of Christians Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11).

Palm Sunday is the day that they celebrate Jesus in his humble glory riding a donkey into the city of David, as the crowds and children cry out,
“Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” (Matthew 21:9; ESV).
 At that time lots of people gathered to shout and to welcome Jesus as their special guest. The Vip of his time got the crowds throwing palm branches on the path before him to celebrate him as their approaching King (Matthew 21:8), who came to bring lasting peace and gracious justice.

Peace and justice still did not come to the world. A few days later many of those welcoming that king could have also been in the crowd shouting to kill that Nazarene man. Glory often is just for a short time. Thankfulness is also not for a long time. We can wonder where all those people were at that moment Jesus was presented to the public as a big criminal. Jesus ad helped so many people. Jesus also had inspired so many and had shown to all around him that he was a man of peace and not of war.

Suddenly not many seemed to remember what he had done. Many also out of fear, even a close disciple as Peter did not dare to let others know that he knew Christ or was for that man.

Also today there are lots of people who not dare the outer world to show they have an interest in that Nazarene teacher or that they believe in the same God as that Jewish man worshipped. Jesus did not worship himself (what he would have done when he is God) but worshipped the God of Israel, Who is a Singular eternal all-knowing Spirit Being.

These coming days are again days that God requests to show faithfulness to Him and His commandments. One of those requirements is to come together and to remember the exodus from Egypt and the other is to remember Jesus commemorating that event and installing a new exodus, namely the exit of the curse of death. In the upper room in Jerusalem Jesus came together with his disciples and installed the New Covenant. He asked to remember that night and that is what we should do. It is also a sign of willingness to be under that New Covenant.

Though we may not mix with a lot of people and are requested to stay home, that should not hinder us to feel united even though it is via an internet connection.

I sincerely hope we shall be able to find many brethren and sisters uniting and sharing their Memorial Meeting with others around the world.

In case we have contact by internet, via Face Time or other means, do not hesitate to mention this coming Wednesday as a special day. Keep witnessing along the virtual way, now we can not do it with direct human contact.


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