Thursday, 16 July 2020

Prayer to protect those who have nowhere else to lay their heads

We pray to the great Spiritual Power

God, please help others who are less fortunate then us
and protect those who have nowhere else to lay their heads.

Give me the strength to deal with the struggles that people face,
including me in trying to help.

Please show people that kindness and understanding is much better then hatefulness and greed.
Show us that hiding who we are or what we do affects everybody and that we have to really try harder to help them understand that.

 Forgive me for my sin's, Amen
It doesn't matter who you are
because you can only be honest and forthcoming.
If you tell somebody that it's okay that they do certain things that you know is wrong and do them anyway then you are inviting them to sin.
Remember to do what you know is right, don't make up excuses because that's what a sinner does.
Be gentle and kind and don't treat anybody with meanness.

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