Wednesday, 15 July 2020

An updated and renewed Google site talking about Utopian dreams

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Marcus Ampe explained on his profile site how and why he chose for a certain political direction. In his life Marcus Ampe attempted more than once to create a better society. By his choreographic works but also by his writings and preaching he tried to bring certain ideas in the picture.

As a Christian Marcus Ampe could not be indifferent to social issues. He grew up with the cultural background of many writers who used social issues in their novels. Charles Dickens was his favourite writer. But he also came in contact with the nineteenth-century writers Robert Owen from England and Charles Fourier, Henri Saint-Simon and Étienne Cabet from France, collectively known as the utopian socialists.

Those utopian socialists popularised the possibility of creating a better future through the establishment of small, experimental communities. In the 1960s we were very eager to try this out.

The writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels could not escape our attention. We were also aware of their argument that such an approach of the utopian socialists was incapable of solving the problems of industrial society and the label ‘utopian’ came to mean unrealistic and naïve. Though I know my ideas may be 'utopian' I strongly believe we can work at those great dreams to realise them as much as we can.

Together we can work at a better society. When we join hands and chose for equality and respectfulness for all and everything, we can look for some good ways to achieve significant social change.
In particular, Christian religious thinkers have been deeply divided over utopianism. Is the act of envisaging a better life on earth heretical, or is it a normal part of Christian thinking?

All those who believe in Christ Jesus to come back to earth to be the king of the Kingdom here on earth, now that their envisaging a better life shall be realised in the end by Jesus his government in Jerusalem. From that city, all directions and regulations shall be provided for people living all over the world, in the many continents, where they all shall find a never-ending peace.


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