Thursday, 6 August 2020

Good time to sort out your friends and contacts

In these corona times we have to limit our contacts, keep social distance and have to keep ourselves healthy and safe.

In life we meet lots of people in lots of different situations; We encounter good but also bad things. Bad events we best forget as soon as possible, but even better for the next time we better avoid such bad things.

Today we have come in a time where it should be easier to avoid bad things, bad people and bad events. All negativism we can miss as toothache.

Got a friend causing problems in your life? Before you cut him or her out have a look at this so called 'friend' and check if it is really a person to have as friend or a person you should be concerned about his way of life and would be some one who could use your help more than you need him or her.

Someone in your small group says insensitive things? Leave that small group and find a new one, if you are not able to bring that person to reason.

Someone at work doesn’t understand or respect your faith? You could avoid that person but you also could try to find out what he or she knows about your faith and come to get to know your faith better. Often people have no idea about someone's faith and go by 'sayings' or ideas which float around.

Tired of being made fun of in the public square? Some would withdraw into their Christian bubble.

Parents in your kid’s class not raising their kids the way you like? (Corona-aside: Remember classes?) Surround yourself with people who make you feel safe and comfortable.

In life, there are too many things to cope with. Too often we lose too much energy on worthless cases. At this time of restrictions, it is ideal to make it done with all the negativism which may be around you. Concentrate on the positive things and keep contact with positive people.

But do not forget if possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. With the restrictions, it can well be that you do not have many contacts, and when on the street some people may look strange at you or take an offensive attitude. Forgive them and think they are in a 'corona fear mood'.

We should be aware of the fact that denying someone your presence can also be considered as the ultimate punishment. Then you should think about that matter if this isn’t that God’s final judgment?

But now we can keep the distance of many people without having to hurt them. We can leave those aside with whom our relationship is not evolving positively. We best invest now in positive relationships and do not lose to much time with the wrong contacts.

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