Saturday, 1 August 2020

In case Blogger goes further with her new interface

In July, the new Blogger interface became the default for all users. Google promised to have the legacy interface to be still be available as an option. A few months ago, I tried out the new interface and label system. The way to label is very annoying and time consuming; When I type a new label it takes a long time before the letters appear. To look for the old labels and to click on them takes also a lot of time. The whole systemù becomes then very annoying and non-productive.

They recommend trying the new interface by clicking 'Try the new Blogger' in the left-hand navigation and gave the opportunity to file any critical issues encountered. I gave my remarks and noticed I was or am not the only one.

I tried out the new version of Blogger, but went back to the old interface, though todays it was set again in the new interface. In case I shall not be able to use the old interface I plan to stop writing articles in this platform and to start a new "Our World"  or newssite on WordPress which gives also more facilities.

When you are a blogger on blogger as well, what is your experience and how do you look at the new interface?

I would love to hear reactions from other bloggers.

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