Saturday 25 September 2021

Our World on Blogger coming to its end

Since a few months, there seem to be problems with Blogger, making it not practical to open articles via tags. Also opening the home page takes on several browsers too much time. Even reducing the home page to only 5 articles did not bring a solution.


From 2021 September 25 I shall provide the articles which I would normally publish on "Our Word" on two platforms: The religious matters shall be placed mainly on Broeders in Christus or  Brethren in Christ, and the other news facts shall receive a place on From Guestwriters

As long as these WordPress websites allow the old system of publishing and do not force the block editing, that system is the best system of blogging and the easiest, giving the most facilities and offering also more viewers than many other systems.

I sincerely do hope to be able to find you there at those WordPress blogs as well as my other personal views and comments blog: Marcus Ampe's Space.

See you there!

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